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Abstract Submission Now Open!

Deadline: 20th January 2020 23:59 GMT

We are delighted to advise that abstracts for SMBE 2020 will be accepted in the following symposia. There will also be six open symposia (48 talks) during the conference to cover topics not necessarily covered in the selected symposia.

  • Advances in Modelling the Population Genetics of Molecular Evolution
  • At the interface of evolution and epidemiology of infectious bacteria
  • Beyond proteins: The ever-evolving functions of noncoding RNAs
  • Comparative Population Genomics
  • The dark side of introgression
  • Evolution of gene regulatory networks and understanding cis-trans interactions underlying complex traits
  • Evolution of organelle genomes: structure diversity and dynamics
  • Evolution of reproductive systems: beyond the usual suspects
  • Evolution through the lens of phylogenomics and comparative genomics
  • Evolutionary and Ecological Perspectives in Cancer Biology
  • Gene duplications: adaptation and phenotypic novelty
  • Gene origination and phenotypic novelty
  • Genetic architecture and evolution of complex traits and diseases in diverse human populations
  • Genome evolution in 3D nuclear space
  • Genomic predictions of responses to the environment
  • The Genomics of Sexual Conflict
  • Genotype-by-Environment interactions in the genomics era
  • Host-pathogen co-evolution through joint genomic analyses
  • Inferring Phenotypes from Ancient Sequences: Progress and Challenges
  • Microbial evolution in human-made environments
  • Mitochondrial Biology and Evolution
  • Molecular foundations of parallel and convergent evolution
  • (Molecular and organismal) Phenotypic effects of synonymous mutations
  • Multiscale and integrative approaches to protein evolution
  • Mutation load: from conservation to sex to cancer
  • One century after Haldane: the modern evolutionary genomics of polyploidy
  • Open symposium
  • The population genetics of pangenomes
  • Population genomics of Underrepresented Human Populations
  • Quantitative Genomics of Wild Populations
  • Retroelements: Evolution, Exaptation, and impacts on health and disease
  • The role of genomic structural variants in evolutionary adaptation and diversification
  • Towards eco-evolutionary dynamics in bacteria
  • Understanding adaptation through experimental evolution
  • Within-individual genome variation and germline / soma distinction

The Abstract Portal is now open to accept your submissions. The abstract deadline is 23:59 (GMT) on Monday 20 January 2020. Abstracts will be reviewed and accepted either as an oral or poster presentation. There will be two poster walks within the SMBE 2020 scientific programme. The poster walks will take place on the evenings of Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 June. Authors must be stood by their posters for the duration of their allocated poster session to discuss their submission with delegates.


A range of awards (see here) can be applied for during Abstract submission, all of which require SMBE membership (see here) at the time of application.

Current graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who received their primary doctoral-level degree no earlier than one year prior to the start of the annual meeting of the society may apply for the Fitch award. Extended abstracts are no longer required this year, just the conference abstract and a CV. CVs must be uploaded along with abstract content within the submission portal. Unsuccessful Fitch applicants will automatically be considered for Young Investigator and Registration-only awards.

Any graduate student or postdoc may apply for the Young Investigator Award, which substantially funds the cost of attending. Application materials are the same as for the Fitch, i.e. abstract and CV. Unsuccessful applicants for both will automatically be considered for Registration-only awards.

Undergraduates (including Masters students under a 3+2 system) can apply for the Undergraduate Travel & Mentoring award. In addition to a presentation title and an abstract, this requires a 250 word summary of why you would like to attend this meeting, including mention of whether you fall into a group traditionally underrepresented at SMBE, such as enrolling in university later in life or being the first in your family to attend university. You also need to arrange to have a short letter of support (250 words) sent from your academic supervisor to Sarah Schaack and Mary O’Connell (SMBE.contact@gmail.com) confirming that you are an undergraduate or a Masters student under 3+2, and that the research is your own.

Carer Awards 

Attendees can apply for Carer Awards as part of conference registration rather than abstract submission, or by email to smbe.contact@gmail.com if an earlier response is needed. SMBE will make available up to $2000 to SMBE members with children or dependent adults (including adult children with a disability or elderly relatives) to spend as they wish to facilitate the member’s attendance at the annual SMBE meeting. Examples of eligible expenses include (but are not limited to) providing airfare for your child or for your caregiver to accompany you, flying a relative out to help with care at your home while you’re at the meeting, or extra help paying for on-site daycare.

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